Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Back

Since this blog was a school project, I didn't intend on continuing it after I got my grade. Turns out I like writing about snowboarding. I took a few weeks off because I had finals and graduation, but I’m back.

How am I going to keep a snowboard blog going in the off-season you ask? I plan to write about things I do to keep myself busy, such as hanging on the river, fishing and camping. I’ll also write about my favorite things, such as my favorite riders, brands and movies, fiction and non-fiction. I have decided to go with fiction movies this week.

1.Out Cold — This movie is great! It is about a group of friends who try to save their local ski town in Alaska from a corporate sell out. In the beginning they play a game called King of the Mountain, and one day I WILL play this with my friends. The game goes like this:

  • Everyone starts at the top of the mountain with a full beer.
  • The first one to the bottom with the most beer in their glass wins.
  • Pushing, shoving and cheating are encouraged.

There are other great scenes in this movie that are guaranteed to keep you laughing. It is a must see that made me want to make movies!

2. Deep Winter — Most people probably have never heard of this movie. It stars Kellan Lutz as a snowboarder who goes to Alaska to ride the impossible. He goes with his best friend who is a competitive skier. The movie is beautifully filmed, and makes me want to go heli-boarding in Alaska. The movie is not a comedy the way Out Cold is, but the crash in the opening scene will make you cringe.

3. Winter Break — This movie is about a group of friends who graduate college and decide to go live and work in Aspen. I really relate to this movie because I am a recent graduate, and would love to go live in Aspen with my friends. The main characters have a great time riding and partying. It is a comedy with a romantic undertone.

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  1. OK - not sure if you are completely off the grid or not but i see your last post was effin last year. DUDE! we must hang out soon. Coming back from Hawaii in July!!! Hit me up - Janel (503) 339-5660