Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Pond Skim

Saturday was Mt. Hood Meadows 4th Annual Pond Skim. Kona Brewing Company hosted the event. It was a great day minus the high winds that whipped through the event at times. The sun kept threatening to peak out, but then it would cloud over a snow for a few minutes. The smell of BBQ hung in the air from the food in the VIP tents that were closely guarded to make sure that people like my friends and I didn’t sneak in and eat the food!

Many of the contestants went all out with their costumes. There was a guy dressed as King Kamehameha and one dressed as a Kona Brewing beer bottle since there was a Hawaiian theme. One of my favorite costumes was a guy dressed as an 8-foot tall snowman, complete with a blue spike mohawk and a carrot nose. He didn’t make it very far across the pond, and it took about 15 minutes for the Meadows crew to fish him out of the water. He was hands-down the most anticipated rider of the day. Another clever costume was a guy dressed as an Oregon Duck football player with an Apple computer in his hand and the name “Sticky Fingers” across his jersey.

The guys who took the top three prizes were dressed as Borat, Jesus and King Kamehameha, and first prize was a trip for two to Oahu courtesy of All About Hawaii.

With my torn ACL I couldn’t compete this year, but next year you better believe I will try skimming my way to Hawaii!

Oh and here’s the snowman.


  1. Did you see the tele skiers?! That was fantastic, especially whoever it was that actually went across in a tele stance, totally bamf. And there were those who skied across switch, that was fun.

    Great pics though!

  2. Yea, that looks so hard! Snowboarding is easy cause you are only strapped in to one thing! The switch riders were my favorite besides the snowman :) Did you see him walking up the hill? Hilarious!

  3. No I didn't, I only stuck around for bits and pieces of the competition, but was really excited when I saw the tele skiers because I was out on my teles that day and just thought it was awesome!