Friday, April 30, 2010

What to do, what to do...

Man I miss the snow! I’m going crazy trying to find things to do that wont hurt my knee. So far my doctors tell me that I can’t snowboard, surf, run, ride four wheelers, hike and all of the other fun outdoor activities.

One thing I can do is fish. I’ve been trying to go at least once a week. I’m not really getting any better, but at least I’m out of the house. Most of my friends are snowboarders, but they’ll take a day off on occasion to come down to the river and fish with me.

I like fly-fishing the best, but I’ll use a regular pole and bait or a spinner when I feel like taking it easy, or if fly-fishing isn’t a possibility. I feel like I’m more at one with my surroundings when I fly-fish. It’s fun to try new casting techniques such as the roll cast and side cast. I am borrowing a graphite pole right now because my boyfriend sat on my pole and broke it. I am having a bamboo pole refurbished, and I can’t wait to use it.

There are some good spots for fishing if you don’t mind driving a little ways. One of my favorite spots is a few miles up the north fork of the Santiam River and another is a spot to bank fish at McIver Park near Estacada. Panther Creek, by Mt. Hood has some good holes also.

My favorite spot to fly-fish is the Chewaucan River. It has amazing fishing, but don’t forget the bug spray because the mosquitoes are ruthless! I also like the McKenzie River, the surrounding are lush and the fish always seem to be biting.

So, I hate that I can’t snowboard, but at least I can still be outside.

And, no matter what anyone tells you there is no such thing as a good fishing dog!

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