Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shopping Around

Staying dry on the mountain is a must. Riding is no fun when you are wet and cold. Like most people starting out, I had gear that was somewhat water resistant, but definitely not waterproof. I would start out dry, but if it was snowing I’d be soaked in a few hours. I have learned that if you want to stay dry it is an investment that is well worth it, and if you buy stuff on sale you can do if for fairly inexpensive.

At the end of a season, or just before it starts, most stores will have their stuff on sale for up to 50% off. The Ski Fever and Snowboard Show takes place every October in Portland and you can find great deals. The U.S. Outdoor Store also has great deals. It carries last season’s gear for 50% off year round.

My entire set up, from board to goggles is worth well over $1,000, but I shopped around and got good deals.

Board: Ride Kink — $450; I paid $234

Bindings: Burton Missions — $190; I paid $89

Boots: Nike Zoom Force 1 — $250; I paid $180

Socks: Fox motocross socks — $20; I paid $15

Base layer: Under Armour Cold Gear — $100; I paid full price, Under Armour is never on sale!

Pants: Oakley Gretchen Bleiler pants — $210; I paid $105

Jacket: Ride Ballard jacket — $190; I paid $99

Gloves: Pow Pipe gloves: $75; I paid $10

Goggles — Smith Phenom — $130; I paid, well I didn’t they were a Christmas present, but my boyfriend paid $120.

So, if I had paid full price, it would have cost me $1540. I shopped around and found all my gear on sale and paid just $942. That still seems like a lot, but it’s a small price to pay to stay warm on the mountain that I spend all my free time on.

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