Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where to Stay

I hate getting up early to make it to opening chair. The best way to avoid that is by staying up at the mountain. I have stayed in quite a few different places and here is my Top 5 list of places to stay:

  1. A house in Government Camp. If you can get a few people to chip in, you can get a nice house for pretty cheap. Houses are nice because you can cook instead of eating at a restaurant, and a lot of houses have hot tubs.
  2. Mt. Hood Inn. It is across the street from Skibowl so you can walk if the parking lot is full. It is reasonably priced and has a hot tub, waxing room and a great continental breakfast. It is at the bottom of Government Camp, which has restaurants, bars and shops.
  3. Timberline Lodge. It is historic and has an awesome restaurant. It is a little expensive, but the rooms are comfortable and you can walk out the door and go riding.
  4. Silcox Hut at Timberline. It is literally on the mountain and comes with a private cook. It is a short snow cat ride to the hut, so you have to pack all of your gear in. It is pretty rustic, but fun if you can get a lot of people together to chip in because it is expensive!
  5. Cooper Spur. It is on the Hood River side of the mountain so it’s much closer to Meadows than to Timberline or Skibowl. There is a wide range of prices because you can choose from the hotel or cabins. It has it’s own chairlift and three outdoor hot tubs.

There are lots of other places to stay in Government Camp, Hood River and the towns below the mountain such as Welches and Zig Zag, but these are my favorite.

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